Memorial Catering Services

In your time of loss, we want to make feeding your guests as easy and worry free as possible for you. With total awareness and understanding of what you are going through, our empathetic, organized, flexible staff will support you in choosing a comforting, appropriate menu for you and your guests.

Our sample menus are designed to provide light fare that delivers the message, “Thank you for being here.” These provide a useful starting point as we collaborate with you on your final customized menu, or you can choose one of them as-is. You are also welcome to choose options from our wedding, gala, and other menus.

Our catering services come standard with mouthwatering food, exquisite decor, and attentive wait staff. If you decide, however, that all you need from us for your event is food, please visit The Shadow Chef, our partner company that offers a selection of our menu items by the tray.