Washington DC Gala Event Catering Company

Catering for Galas & Fundraisers in Washington DC

Caribbean Caterers is known for gala event catering that is prompt, efficient, and memorable. From the gorgeous tablescapes we create with handwoven fabrics and stunning flowers, to our exquisite cuisine and flexible menu customization options, Caribbean Caterers has earned our reputation as a premier gala caterer for the DC area.

Our Cuisine

Rather than being limited to a specific set of foods or flavors, Caribbean Cuisine adapts beautifully to many different culinary traditions from around the world while keeping its distinctly Caribbean flair. So whether you prefer spicy or mild flavors, meat, seafood, vegetarian (or vegan) fare, our menu options cover all the bases. Your Event Consultant can help you select the perfect menu items to please the guests at your gala event or fundraising dinner.

Menu Customization

We have several sample menus that we’ve used successfully when catering gala events in the past, and these provide a useful starting point to work from as we collaborate with you on your gala menu — or you can choose to use a menu as-is. Our gala event catering is all about fulfilling your vision and ideas!

Creative Gala Tablescapes

Exquisite fresh flowers, beautiful textiles, elegant place settings and a bold use of color — these are all elements that go into our table designs. We can create traditional or more avant garde tablescapes that incorporate any theme or color to perfectly fit your gala event.

Gala Event Consultation

Ready to get started planning your event or fundraiser? Call us and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Event Consultants today! We’ll help you design an event to remember, start to finish.