Caribbean Caterers’ diverse, multi-talented professionals share one thing in common: an undying commitment to our clients.

We are all determined to understand and serve our clients incredibly well, to turn their visions for their events into a unique reality.

You, and your needs and preferences, are our focus. We graciously and enthusiastically share our empathy, expertise, creativity, flexibility, and good humor with each other and with you. We love working with each other, and we love working with our clients; and together, we love creating extraordinary dining experiences.

In the Office

We just love to have fun.  Our Events Team works tirelessly with you to understand your needs and create a plan for the event staff to execute.

In the Kitchen

Chef and her team will excite all your senses with beautiful presentations, delightful scents and tasty uncomplicated menus.

At Your Event

Our exemplary wait staff will expertly dress your tables, excite your guests with courteous service and make the whole production seem effortless.